Hope+Leslie,+Zikala+Sa - Zitkala-Sâ A Shadow...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 1/20/10 The Indian Princess Incursion and Plantation v Pocahontas / “Pocahontas” v John Smith, Ralph Hamor, John Rolfe Religious Conversion and Public Speech
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1/20/10 Hope Leslie Magawisca enters (p. 23) v Wild and fantastic grace Magawisca’s Pequot War (p. 52, 54) v Fear not death Magawisca’s Sacrifice (p. 92) v The lopped, quivering member
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Unformatted text preview: 1/20/10 Zitkala-Sâ A Shadow Self (Impressions of an Indian Childhood, p. 5) v My shadow had the impudence to sit down beside me This Experiment (Impressions, p. 10) v The first step, parting me from my mother Children of Absent Mothers (The School Days of an Indian Girl, p. 3) v Then I lost my spirit...
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Hope+Leslie,+Zikala+Sa - Zitkala-Sâ A Shadow...

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