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The Fish Digestive Tract The digestive tract of some fish looks much like a simple tube with little modification. However, many boney fish have a more elaborate stomach with ceca. Fish lack a muscular tongue and have a common oropharynx. The esophagus is typically very short. In fish with swim bladders, a pneumatic tube comes off the esophagus and leads to the air bladder. The air bladder helps the fish to maintain neutral buoyancy. The esophagus empties into the stomach. There can be a variety of stomach morphologies as described above. Some fish also have multiple ceca branching off the pyloric region of the stomach. The fish intestine is not divided into small and large portions. Histology of the Fish Digestive Tract Oropharynx: Teeth may be distributed throughout the oropharynx, on the jaws, tongue, palate, and brachial arches. They tend to be directed inward a are used for biting and anchoring prey. All teeth boney fish tend to be the same conical shape (homodont). Teeth of sharks are also homod tend to be triangular in shape and have serrated edges. Fish, which feed on shellfish, have flattened tooth plates used to crush their prey. They also have keratinized epithelia in the oropharynx to pr underlying tissue. Keratinization in the di tracts of other types of fish is rare. nd in ont, but otect gestive
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Liver The liver is an organ directly associated with processing material absorbed by the GI tract. In mammals it is located in the abdominal cavity, typically immediately caudal to the diaphragm. The diaphragm separates the abdominal and thoracic cavities. The liver consists of one or more lobes depending on the species. In
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APC_100_GI_part_3 - The Fish Digestive Tract The digestive...

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