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1/4/10 1 Lecture 1: What is natural history? When are they in California? Where are they at? How are they related to other cranes? I. Defnitions oF natural history: A. The history of nature - not really. B. The history of the natural world - No, not really history but description of nature , including systematic relationships of organisms. Before the Renaissance (14th century), “history” was viewed as the study of everything other than the arts. C. Schoenherr (1992): a description of living organisms, their habits, and how they relate to the environment; an accounting of natural phenomena. D. Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica: The systematic study of any category of natural objects or organisms. Natural history is the scientific study of plants and animals in their natural environments. It is concerned with levels of organization from the individual organism to the ecosystem, and stresses identification, life history, distribution, abundance, and inter-relationships. It often and appropriately includes an aesthetic component (e.g., landscape, vista). II. Natural History as the Heart of the Natural Sciences A. As a discipline or scientific endeavor, natural history has been around for millennia, with many early Greek and Roman “philosophers,” including Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, writing many natural history volumes describing plants and animals. B. Its counterpart was termed “natural philosophy” which evolved into the physical sciences. C.As an integrative natural science , natural history involves the research that enables us to understand all of the dimensions of the biosphere, including components, structures, processes and inter-
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Lecture1NaturalHistoryW106slides - 1/4/10 I. A. Denitions...

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