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Your name: Cole Anastassiou Date: 02/17/2009 Scientific Name: Puma concolor Common Name: Mountain Lion; also known as cougar, puma, and panther Taxonomic Affinity: -Class: Mammalia -Order: Carnivora -Family: Felidae -Genus: Puma -Species: P. concolor Specimen #: RE Cole 2693 Date on specimen: none Location where collected: none Key identifying features: Mountain lions are generally eight feet long (from tip of tail to nose) and 2-2.5 feet tall. Are generally larger in colder climates. Have very large paws with retractable claws, allowing them to grasp their prey. Have long, powerful back legs that give them a strong initial jump as an ambush predator. Have large, erect, mobile ears that enhance a good sense of hearing. Have a long tail used for balance. Have carnivorous dentition with very large canine teeth. Also have a very large sagittal crest that gives them a powerful bite and a strong jaw. Have tan, thin hair with an off-white underbelly. Unlike most other members of the cat family, mountain lions have no spots; however, cubs are born with spots. Life history: Mountain lions are solitary, elusive animals that have large territories. Adults only meet to mate. Both monogamy and polygyny has been observed. Females have litters of up to six kittens, but on average only one survives to adulthood. Kitten
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MountainLineTemplateCole - Your name: Cole Anastassiou...

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