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Your name: Tavis Forrester Date: 1/5/09 Scientific Name: Porzana carolina Common Name: Sora Taxonomic Affinity (class, family, tribe, order or …) Class: Aves Order: Gruiformes Family: Rallidae Genus: Porzana Species: carolina Specimen # WFB 256 Date on specimen June 10, 1985 Location where collected , CA Key identifying features Short thick bill, yellow or greenish-yellow.  Breeding adult is coarsely streaked  above, and the face and center of throat and breast are black.  In winter  plumage black is somewhat obscured by grey edging.  Juvenile lacks black  and its underparts are more pale. Life history Eats mostly seeds, but also some snails and invertebrates.  Eyes change  color from reddish-brown in winter to black in breeding season. Very secretive  birds adapted to movement in dense vegetation through profile and feet  shape (elongated, widely spreading toes).  Vocalizations may be an 
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SpeciesTemplateFinalWFC50Example2 - Your name Tavis...

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