Did your carbohydrate intake equal at least 125

Did your carbohydrate intake equal at least 125 - that day...

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a. Did your carbohydrate intake equal at least 125-130 grams or more? Did the kilocalories from carbohydrate equal about 58% or more of your total kilocalorie intake? Discuss My carbohydrate was 174.50 grams, so it was more than 130 grams. My kilocalories was 33.49%, so it was less than 58% b. Did the kilocalorie from fat equal not more than 30% of your kilocalories intake? Discuss No, my kilocalorie from fat was 44.05%, so I was more than 30% of my kilogram kilocalories c. Did the protein intake equal about 44 grams for you if a woman, or about 56 grams if a man? Did about 12% of total kilograms come from protein sources? Discuss No, my total protein intake was 117 grams, it was a big different from 56 grams for man. 22.46% of total kilograms came from protein sources, it was more than 12%
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d. Evaluate the nutritional quality of your diet. Are there any changes that you would like to make? After I saw the chart of the exchange table, I was surprised that my foods that I had on
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Unformatted text preview: that day were so high on fat. According to the chart, I think I would make some changes on high-fat meat, from prime rib to turkey steak instead. Because of the 6oz prime rib steak had 72 grams of fat, I think that the number of fat in the prime rib was too high for my dietary goal. c. Write an additional paragraph for the summary explaining factors affecting your food habits. In conclusion, I think that the foods I took on the day were so high on fat such as prime rib, whole milk, oil, and butter. This Food Net chart was a very good tool to estimate your dietary plan, not only to estimate, but to use as a preference also. After I did the chart, I could see that what I have to change to make my body healthier and lower on fat. I think everyone don’t want any fat or cholesterol on their foods, so I think the Food Net chart would be a helpful tool for everyone....
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Did your carbohydrate intake equal at least 125 - that day...

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