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Static - Examples • All the methods in the Math class...

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Static Methods and Static Fields Classes can have static methods and static fields. Static fields do not change from one instance of a class to another, so you should think of them as belonging to a class. Similarly static methods belong to a class and do not operate on any instance of a class. This means that you can use them without creating an instance of a class. How to use them: You can use static and non-static fields and methods in any class. The syntax for a static method from a class: ClassName.staticMethod(parameters); We use the class name when invoking a static method. The syntax for a static field is: ClassName.staticFieldName
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Unformatted text preview: Examples: • All the methods in the Math class built into Java are static methods: • Math class is in the java.lang package. double x = Math.pow(4, 0.5); // sqrt root of 4 int y = Math.max(3, 5); // maximum of 3 , 5 • Some of the static fields in Math : Math.PI; //public static final double PI Math.E; //public static final double E Hold down your control key + C key to follow the link to Java Platform Standard Ed. 6 and scroll down the lower left hand pane to find the Math class and click on it for more methods in that class. Overview (Java Platform SE 6) http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/...
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