02_Introduction_to_AIS - SAP Example 1 ` Enterprise...

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1 Introduction to AIS Lect 2 Overview ` Creating value ` AIS defined ` Manager activity ` AIS and managers ` Examples of AIS problems ` Sarbanes Oxley ` SAP Example ` How does and AIS create value? ` How are goods/services provided? ` What is a business process? Creating Value with Accounting Information Systems ` Definition: An AIS is a collection of data and processing procedures that creates needed information for its users What is an AIS? ` Plan ` Execute ` Control and monitor ` Evaluate What do Managers do? How Does an AIS Help Managers? ` Capture/record data ` Maintain data ` Report data
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2 Illegal and Unethical Behavior Involving Accounting Information ` WorldCom ` Enron ` Arthur Andersen What Role Does Sarbanes Oxley Play in AIS? ` Internal controls ` Corporate accountability ` Financial statement responsibility
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Unformatted text preview: SAP Example 1 ` Enterprise Resource Plans – ERP ` Simplifying the order to cash process ` Link to ERP Examples ` Review: ` View customer information ` Access pricing and available to promise data ` Create sales orders ` Optimize sales channels ` Deliver superior customer service ` Simplify the order-to-cash process SAP Example 2 ` Product Lifecycle Management – PLM ` Accelerating time to profit ` Link to PLM demo ` Review: ` Monitor product performance ` Identify suppliers and gather bids ` Manage manufacturing, planning, and assembly ` Close communication gap among engineering, procurement, manufacturing, service, and suppliers...
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02_Introduction_to_AIS - SAP Example 1 ` Enterprise...

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