03_Information_Technology - Overview The importance of IT...

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1 Information Technology Lect 3 ` The importance of IT to accountants ` Source documents ` Systems – inputs, processing, outputs ` Data communications ` Computer software Overview ` Case 2 ` Computer use ` Hardware/software decisions ` Audits of accounting information ` Evaluating existing AIS ` Designing new AIS The Importance of IT to Accountants ` Evaluate controls ` Promotion ` Internet distribution of AIS 3 ` Importance ` Examples: ` Purchase requisition ` Purchase order ` Vendor invoice Source Documents ` Receiving report ` Check ` Sales order ` Picking ticket ` Shipping document ` Sales invoice ` Deposit slip 4 Systems ` Inputs ` Processing ` Outputs ` Storage 5 Data Communications ` LAN ` WAN ` Client/Server ` RFID 6
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2 ` Operating systems ` Application software ` Programming languages ` SAP Demo Computer Software 7 ` Financial & Accounting - http://www.sap.com/demos/demplayv2/demoPlayMaster.ht ml?demos/B1_Finance_US/B1_Finance_US_config.xml Application Software SAP 8 If you were contemplating the purchase of a new computer system for your use as a student, what affect would the following have on your decision: 1. Your class level, fr/so/jr/sr 2. Your major 3. Your future career 4. Your current interests Class Case What brand would you consider, and why? How much memory do you need? How much storage space do you need? How fast does your processor have to be?
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03_Information_Technology - Overview The importance of IT...

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