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1 Organizing and Manipulating Databases Lect 5 ` Normalization ` Validating data inputs ` Extracting data from databases Overview 2 ` Flat files ` Normalization ` 1 st normal form ` 2 nd normal form ` 3 rd normal form Normalization 3 Case 14-23 Swan’s Supplies is a wholesaler of sporting goods equipment for retailers in a local metropolitan area. The company buys sporting goods equipment direct from manufacturers and then resells them to individual retail stores in the regional area. The raw data below illustrate some of the information required for the company’s purchase order system. As you can see, this information is characteristic of accounting purchase order systems but is not well organized. In fact, because of the repeating groups in the right-most columns, it cannot even be stored in a computer system. 4 Case 14-23 ` Reorganize the data in first normal form. Why is your data in first normal form? ` Reorganize the data from part 1 into second normal
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05_Organizing_and_manipulating_dbases - Overview...

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