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1 Production and Finance Business Processes Lect 11 Overview ` Production business process ` Finance business process ` Business process reengineering 2 Production Business Process ` Defined ` Objectives ` Events ` Inputs ` Output 3 Outputs Objectives of the Production Business Process ` Track purchases and sales of inventories ` Monitor and control manufacturing costs ` Control inventory ` Control and coordinate the production process ` Provide input for budget 4 Provide input for budgets Events in the Production Business Process ` Schedule production ` Raw material needs ` Labor/personnel needs ` Overhead needs ` Produce product/service 5 Inputs to the Production Business Process ` Materials Requisition Form ` Bill of Materials ` Master Production Schedule ` Production Order ` Job Time Card 6
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2 Outputs from the Production Business Process ` Financial Statement Information ` Materials Price Lists ` Periodic Usage Reports ` Inventory Reconciliation Reports ` Inventory Status Reports 7 ` Production Cost Reports ` Manufacturing Status Reports Example ` SAP Manufacturing – Asset Visibility and Optimization ` http://www.sap.com/demos/demplayv2/demoPlayMaster.ht ` Review ` Pinpoint problems ` Follow-up on issues ` Implement strategies for improvement ` Evaluate results Hammaker Manufacturing, located in Burke, Virginia, manufactures automotive parts for the Big Three U.S. automobile corporations. The company is currently implementing a new AIS. Dick Hammaker, the CEO, has asked Denise Charbonet to work with Lloyd Rowland, from the consulting firm that is implementing the new system, to determine the inputs and outputs needed for the new AIS. Of particular concern is the data the system will need to
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11_Production_and_Finance_Business_Process - Overview...

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