16_Computer_Crime - Overview Computer crime, abuse, and...

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1 Computer Crime Lect 16 ` Computer crime, abuse, and fraud ` Computer crime legislation ` Mitigating computer crime ` Computer crime in 2008 ` Case examples Overview 2 Computer Crime, Abuse, & Fraud ` Computer crime involves the manipulation of a computer or computer data, by whatever method, to dishonestly obtain money, property, or some other advantage of value, or to cause loss. ` Computer abuse is the unauthorized use of, or access to, a computer for purposes contrary to the wishes of the owner of the computer. ` Computer fraud is the use of a computer to commit (1) fraudulent financial reporting and (2) misappropriation of assets ` Unauthorized theft, use, access, modification, copying, or distribution of software or data. ` Theft of money by altering computer records or theft of computer crime. ` Intent to illegally obtain information or tangible property through the use of computers Computer Crime Legislation through the use of computers. ` Use or the conspiracy to use computer resources to commit a felony. ` Theft, vandalism, or destruction of computer hardware. ` Trafficking in passwords or other login information for accessing a computer. ` Extortion that uses a computer system as a target. Computer Crime Legislation Mitigating Computer Crime & Fraud ` Enlist top management support ` Increase employee awareness and education ` Survey security policies and protect passwords ` Firewalls ` Antivirus software ` It i dt t i t Intrusion detection systems ` Access control lists ` Encryption ` Intrusion prevention systems ` Biometrics ` Implement controls
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2 ` Music Piracy ` Hacking ` Software Piracy ` Trade Secrets ` Computer Crime Ring Computer Crime in 2008 ` Crimes in Cyberspace `
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16_Computer_Crime - Overview Computer crime, abuse, and...

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