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I. Using Theories in Research. A. Theory: an attempt to explain some aspect of social life. 1. A scholar’s ideas about how or why events or attitudes occur. a. What is related to what, what influences what etc. 2. Included set of concepts and their relationships. B. Scientific theories usually aim to be: 1. Deterministic a. Everything happens for a reason. b. Explain things in terms of causes and effects. c. Probabilistic causes. (Likely causes) 2. Falsifiable
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Unformatted text preview: a. Should be able to be tested : to be proved wrong . b. Cannot “prove theories true”-Can only gain support/evidence II. Using Theories in Research A. Theories are built of “concepts” 1. Terms for things, ideas, parts of the theory. 2. Researchers must define them Ex. Uses and gratifications theory We use/choose media to meet certain needs (e.g. for pleasure, info) Different levels/types of need-different media use...
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