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Comm. 88 Lecture 11 I. Getting Closer to Causality A. To help solve 3 rd variable problem: 1. “Partial correlation” 2. Measure potential 3 rd variables \ 3. Statistically “control” for effects of those 3 rd variables 4. Then see if X/Y relationship still holds B. To help solve causal direction problem: 1. “Cross-lagged panel design” 2. Time 1: measure X & Y variables 3. Time 2: measure X & Y variables again for the same people. 4. Compute r’s for X & Y, but across the times measured
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Unformatted text preview: C. To help solve Casual direction problem: 1. “Cross-lagged panel design” Example: age 8 age 18 2. Measure both variables for same people at different times; then see which “cross” relationship holds. II. Experimental Research A. Purpose 1. To test the hypotheses of cause and effect. a. Goal is to establish internal validity b. Willing to sacrifice external validity 2. Remember … to establish causality...
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