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Comm 88 Chapter 1 Book Notes An Introduction to Communication Research The Social sciences consists of a group of fields that set out to study how humans live and interact. These include many different disciplines: anthropology, communication, cultural studies, economics, education, geography, history, linguistics, political sciences, etc. underlying rule of all physical nature was mathematics. Physical Science: In ancient Greece the physical sciences and philosophy were perceived as handmaidens as one informed the other. Hippocrates was also the first researcher in history to start classifying his patients by carious temperaments, which is now seen as the general origin of personality theory that modern social scientists study today. Plato used geometrical proofs. Sir Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathmatica in 1687 tied together the connection between physical and social science. Ernest Rutherford, the father of nuclear physics. Social scientific research really started finding its own way after WW1 as research in a variety of new avenues began to flourish. Communication Research Reports (CRR) Communications: the “s” must not be added to the word “communication” unless one is specifically talking about communication occurring through mediated technologies. AKA mass communications. Communication: the process by which one person stimulates meaning in the mind(s) of another person (or persons) through verbal and nonverbal messages. The word “Process” suggests that human communication is dynamic and changing, or the notion that communication does not start, strop, or break. Humans never communicate in the same way twice.
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Chapter 1 Notes - Comm 88 Chapter 1 Book Notes An...

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