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Lecture 17 - 1 Media systems differ greatly from society to...

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I. Mass Communication A. Mass Comm. Vs. other contexts 1. Comm. Is more one-way a. Feedback reduced and delayed (you don’t know how people are responding to your tv show etc.) 2. “Knowing” your receiver (audience) is more difficult. 3. More likely mismatch in meaning a. Mismatch in what you meant to say and what the audience actually took away from it. b. May reinforce opinions they already have B. Influences on Media Content
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Media systems differ greatly from society to society a. Cultural and political values` important 2. Even within U.S., have different “systems”: a. Print media (cooks, newspapers, mags) b. Broadcast media (over air TV & radio). Broadcasting= over the air messages c. Cable/satellite TV d. Movie industry. Different because you GO or BUY them directly....
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