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Psychology 101 Lecture 5 October 9, 2008 Coping with Illness Scott Norris Video Presentation Can the psychological processes that Scott Norris described aid in aid in coping with Stress, depressed mood, and decreased social support associated with greater cortisol output, disruptions or cortisol secretion and higher levels of urinary catecholamines. These hormones can impact caner cells -Social support lower levels or growth factors that help tumors develop a viable blood supply (and growth) -Distress higher levels of these growth factors. Optimism and finding benefits are associated with longer cancer survival. Research is discovering pathways by which these psychological factors can affect cancer progression. I. Effects of Expressing Emotions (Stanton 2000) A. Emotional processing: people try to understand their feelings 1. Why am I feelings this, what can I do with these feelings? B. Emotional expression: people share their emotions with others?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Talking to doctors, friends, and sharing this concern and time. C. Studied 92 breast cancer patients 1. Measured emotional processing at baseline 2. Measured emotional expression at baseline D. Results 3 months later 1. More processing = more distress (pain, suffering) 2. More expression = less distress, better health. II. Self-Affirmation Writing in Breast Cancer Survivors A. Early-stage breast cancer survivors participated in an expressive writing trial B. Wrote 4 essays during a 3-week period: 1. Deepest thoughts and feelings (emotional expression) 2. Perceived benefits (benefit finding) 3. Facts about treatment (control) C. Outcomes: physical symptoms and cancer-related doctor visits (3 month follow up) D. Self-affirmation: a positive reflection on a valued self-domain. III. Coping with Illness A. Social Support B. Psychological Control C. Self-Affirmation D. Positive states of mind E. Positive adjustment...
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