Lecture 6 - The stress appraisal process Step 1 Primary...

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The stress appraisal process Step 1: Primary Appraisal: Is it stressful? *No: no stress, and appraisal process is over *Yes: is it harmful, threatening, or challenging? Definition of Coping Cognitive, emotional, or behavioral efforts to manage the demands of a stressor. The functions of Coping 1.) To master or eliminate the distress-inducing problem 2.) To alter your appraisals of the distress-inducing situation. 3.) To reduce the psychological and physiological distress reactions. 4.) To return to normal or better functioning. Emotional-Focused Vs. Problem-Focused Coping Emotion-Focused: Efforts to reduce or manage the distress from the stressor: Emotional avoidance (avoid it and do something else to forget about it) Emotional approach (to something to understand and deal with stress) *Emotional processing (trying to understand the cause of the emotion, ex. what lead me to feel so bad about this?) *Emotional expression (telling others, expressing to others how stressed you are about a given situation) Problem Focused: Efforts to solve or alter the stressor. Types of Social Support? Interpersonal interactions involving: Emotional Support: showing concern. I know someone who I see or talk to often who would comfort me if my partner broke up
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Lecture 6 - The stress appraisal process Step 1 Primary...

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