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ASE 311, Spring 2009, Homework 8 Due: Fri. April 10, 5 PM ALL material is to be printed and turned-in including ALL m-files, plots, and diaries. NO electronic copies of anything will be accepted. Use the command “diary” to record your Matlab session, but please clean-up the output to make things easier on the TA. For example, please be sure to clearly label what the problem is and the solution, and please dont include stuff like: x*x+1 ??? Undefined function or variable ’x’. All work is to be put in the drawer marked “ASE 311 turn-in” on the 3rd floor of WRW. Show all work. Make sure your work is clear and readable - if the TA cannot read what you’ve written, he will not grade it. Make sure code is readable and well-commented. Any plots should be organized and properly labeled. MATLAB may be used for any problem unless otherwise indicated by the instructions here or in the book. 1. Problem 15.9, pg. 356 - use
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