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Name _____________________ Bio 365R Vertebrate Physiology Quiz # 1 1-2. What is myelin? What advantage does myelination offer an axon? Lipid-rich molecule produced by glial cells that surrounds some axons. It allows for saltatory conduction, increasing conduction velocity. 3. What are the two general types of cells in the nervous system a. neurons b. glia c. neuropil d. A and B e. all of the above 4. What is the name of the specialized part of the presynaptic cell that is crucial to chemical transmission between nerve cells? Synaptic terminal/bouton 5.A(n) __________________ is a self-regenerating wave of electrical activity that propagates from one part of a nerve cell to another part of the same nerve cell. action potential 6-7. What is a primary difference between active transporters and ion channels?
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Unformatted text preview: Active transporters use ATP or a similar energy source to transport ions, often against a concentration gradient. Ion channels do not require ATP. 8. What are characteristics of passive current flow across cell membranes? Can be b idirectional, travels near the speed of light, decays rapidly 9-10. When a membrane potential becomes more negative than the resting potential, it is called a ___________________. When a membrane potential becomes more positive than the resting potential, it is called a __________________. Hyperpolarization, depolarization º¿º Briefly define one of the following: refractory period, nodes of Ranvier, or Nernst equation? TWO sentences MAX!...
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