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CNST 406 Construction Law Fall 2007 Assignment #3 (20 points) Date Assigned: October 17, 2007 Date Due: October 31, 2007 In preparing your responses, use material from either real projects with which you are familiar or make it up. Use the information contained in the textbook in order to make sure your responses to the questions are complete. You may use industry-standard document formats. In all cases, your role is that of general contractor. 1. (5 points) Prepare a “Request for Information” to the owner concerning clarification of a site condition encountered during construction that is not consistent with the plans and specifications. 2. (5 points) Prepare a “Notice Letter – Oral Directions of Extra Work” concerning
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Unformatted text preview: a verbal instruction given by the project architect to your superintendent. 3. (5 points) Prepare a Notice Letter Confirming Change Directive concerning instructions given by the owners contracting officer to your firms project manager during a progress meeting. 4. (5 points) Prepare a Notice Letter Extension of Time and Extra Costs related to a delay caused by the owner. Each item above must be prepared as a separate document. In each case, be specific and clearly describe all pertinent issues. This assignment must be typed, single-spaced, using Times New Roman font size 12....
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