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Biospychology outline 7 - sound waves o Cochlea –...

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Biospychology outline 7 Test covers everything up to outline 7 Mechanical senses: audition/somatosensation. Audition is considered a mechanical sense. How is sound perceived by ear? (in order of sound traveling) o Tampanic membrane (ear drum) – takes traveling sound waves move them to the oscicles o Oscicles – maleus (first to be vibrated), incus (middle), stapeus o The three bones bounce the oval window and sound waves traveling in air and turns into traveling through fluid. “impendence smashing” concentration of
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Unformatted text preview: sound waves. o Cochlea – structure that looks like snail. In inner ear. • Organ of corti has sensory cells – hair cells aka stereo celia o Base of cell body is in basilar membrane o Hair of hair cell is tectorial membrane o Hair cells have mechanically gated channels o Causing mechanically gated changes. If you move in one direction ion channels open, if in the other it close o...
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