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Klassy Kow Ice Cream, Inc. Insurance Co-Pay Reduction Last Name First Name Department Location Kraus Heinrich 3/1/2007 Owners Ashland Stewart Kathleen 5/2/2007 Marketing San Francisco Ladewig Glenn 11/1/2006 Owners Klamath Falls McDonald Robin 2/3/2007 Human Resources San Francisco Sante Juan 4/4/2006 Finance San Francisco Sumara Keiko 6/1/2006 Marketing San Francisco Steele Conrad 7/1/2006 President San Francisco Eassa Nassar 12/1/2007 Owners Medford
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Unformatted text preview: Steinbeck Sarah 7/1/2006 Finance San Francisco Artagnan Ted 9/1/2006 Owners Anderson Calcivechia Maria 1/1/2008 Owners Red Bluff Alverez Toni 6/1/2006 Human Resources San Francisco Nguyen Luni 8/1/2006 Marketing San Francisco Employees are eligible for reduced insurance co-pay amounts two years from the specified date in the employee's enrollment contract. Enrollment Date...
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