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Klassy Kow Retirement Accounts Changes in Net Assets 2007 Capital Bond Money Growth Income Market From Investment Activities Net investment income  $1,671,272   $981,367   $465,788  Net realized and unrealized gain (loss) on investments (10,116,858) (149,166) Increase (decrease) in net assets derived from investment activities (8,445,586) 832,201  465,788  From Policy-Related Transactions Net premiums transferred from Woman's Variable Life 67,808,576  3,248,052  24,616,186  Net transfers (to) from other sub-accounts 16,957,349  1,845,009  (19,527,266) Net transfers to Klassy Kow Ice Cream, Inc. (50,969,954) (2,798,256) (4,457,696) Increase derived from policy-related transactions 33,795,971  2,294,805  631,224  Net increase in net assets 25,350,385  3,127,006  1,097,012  Net Assets, at beginning of the period 123,494,622  7,501,550  10,967,473  Net Assets, at end of the period  $148,845,007   $10,628,556   $12,064,485 
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RetireAcct - KlassyKowRetirementAccounts ChangesinNetAssets...

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