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Lecture 11 - C Hybrid breakdown(the hybrids offspring show...

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BIOLOGY 1001: LECTURE 11 SPECIATION MORPHOSPECIES: set of individuals with the same physical appearance BIOLOGICAL SPECIES: set of individuals with the potential to interbreed successfully CRYPTIC SPECIES: subset of morphospecies that is genetically distinct and does not interbreed Speciation arises through REPRODUCTIVE ISOLATION: 1.Prezygotic barriers - fertilization does not occur A. Ecological isolation B. Temporal isolation C. Behavioral isolation D. Mechanical isolation E. Gametic isolation 2.Postzygotic barriers - reproductive failure after fertilization A. Hybrid inviability B. Hybrid sterility
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Unformatted text preview: C. Hybrid breakdown (the hybrids' offspring show A or B) Patterns of speciation: 1.Allopatric speciation (Allo = other, patric = homeland) 2.Sympatric speciation (Sym = same) NONDISJUNCTION: both members of a homologous pair end up in same gamete POLYPLOIDY: More than two copies of each chromosome in the same individual AUTO-POLYPLOIDY: origin of polyploidy by fusion of two diploid gametes MICROEVOLUTION - Changes in allele frequency due to mutation, drift, gene flow and selection MACROEVOLUTION - Large-scale patterns and rates of change in the major taxonomic groupings...
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