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Lecture 12 - possesses it Basic premises of evolutionary...

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BIOLOGY 1001: LECTURE 12 NATURAL SELECTION: ADAPTATION AND MACRO-EVOLUTION PREADAPTATION - Structure that served a particular function at one time, but subsequently performs different or additional function STASIS - Absence of morphological change during a species' history Levels of selection: 1.Populations evolve through the spread of traits that benefit the INDIVIDUALS that carry them 2.A trait's effect on the survival of a group or species is secondary to its effects on the individual that
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Unformatted text preview: possesses it Basic premises of evolutionary theory: 1.More individuals born than can survive to reproduce. 2.Individuals vary in most traits 3.Individuals with certain traits are more likely to survive and reproduce 4.Variation is at least partly heritable 5.Large spans of time have been available for change...
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