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BIOLOGY 1001: LECTURE 15 THE EVOLUTION OF COOPERATION ALTRUISM - Where the behavior of one individual increases the fitness of another individual at some cost to itself COOPERATION - Where two or more individuals benefit by working together The evolution of cooperation: 1.Unconditional cooperation. Both benefit at no cost to themselves; animals will cooperate with anyone. 2.Conditional cooperation. Both do best if both cooperate, but each does best by behaving selfishly - cooperation involves altruism, and is therefore: A.Conditional on the degree of kinship between partners B.Conditional on the partner's behavior (reciprocity)
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Unformatted text preview: KINSHIP - Proportion of genes shared by common descent INCLUSIVE FITNESS - An individual's own fitness plus the effects of its behavior on the fitness of its close genetic relatives EUSOCIALITY - Social system in which sterile workers raise the offspring of a small number of reproductives RECIPROCITY - Where two individuals exchange altruistic acts based on previous interactions. Individuals show an initial tendency to cooperate, but only continue to cooperate if their partner had also been cooperative....
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