Lecture 16 - RESTRICTION ENZYME enzyme that recognizes and...

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BIOLOGY 1001: LECTURE 16 SELFISH GENETIC ELEMENTS SELFISH GENES: 1.Meiotic drivers -- genetic elements that cause one allele to be disproportionately common in the gametes 2.Transposons -- segments of DNA that jump from one chromosome to another and occasionally from one individual to another 3.Viruses -- segments of DNA or RNA that operate as separate individuals REPRESSOR - protein that suppresses expression of a specific gene
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Unformatted text preview: RESTRICTION ENZYME - enzyme that recognizes and breaks DNA that is foreign to the cell LYMPHOCYTE - white blood cell that manufactures "antibodies" which combat foreign molecules ("antigens") CYTOPLASM - contents of the cell outside the nucleus In reproduction, cytoplasmic elements are inherited solely from the mother...
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