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BIOLOGY 1001: LECTURE 17 THEORY OF EVOLUTION. ORIGIN OF LIFE. Basic premises of evolutionary theory: 1.More individuals born than can survive to reproduce 2.Individuals vary in most traits 3.Individuals with certain traits are more likely to survive and reproduce 4.Variation is at least partly heritable 5.Large spans of time have been available for change Molecular structure of life: Nucleic acids are long chains of nucleotide bases 2.Physical structures of the body ("phenotype") are composed of proteins Proteins are long chains of amino acids
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Unformatted text preview: Possible sequence in the origin of life: 1.Nucleotides and amino acids were abundant on the ancient planet 2.Single nucleotides ("monomers") can be linked together to form chains ("polymers") of RNA on crystals of clay 3.RNA is capable of self-replication and of synthesizing proteins 4.Proteinoids self-assemble to form droplets ("microspheres" or "protobionts") 5.Certain proteins (enzymes) improve self-replication rates of RNA 6.RNA that synthesized its own microsphere could monopolize its own enzyme 7.DNA is more stable than RNA and serves as the data storage system...
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