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Lecture 24 - Improved host resistance Lowered virulence...

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BIOLOGY 1001: LECTURE 24 COMMUNITY ECOLOGY & COEVOLUTION COEVOLUTION - the joint evolution of two closely interacting species, such that when one species changes, the other also evolves INTERACTIONS BETWEEN SPECIES: Direct effect of interaction: Type of interaction: SPECIES 1 SPECIES 2 Mutualism + + Commensalism + 0 Neutral 0 0 Parasitism + - Predation + - Interspecific competition - - + positive effect on species' population growth rate - negative effect on species' population growth rate Type of interaction : Population effect : Coevolutionary response : COMPETITION Competitive exclusion Competitive co-existance Character displacement PREDATION Population regulation of both Arms races PARASITISM Population regulation of both
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Unformatted text preview: Improved host resistance Lowered virulence Heightened virulence COMPETITION: demand by two organisms for the same limiting resource INTERFERENCE COMPETITION - one species prevents another from gaining access to the resource EXPLOITATION COMPETITION - one species is better able to extract the resource COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION - one species drives another to extinction CHARACTER DISPLACEMENT - divergence in the characters of two overlapping species because of competition for the same resources PARASITE - organism that feeds on the living tissue of its host VIRULENCE - extent to which parasite damages the host...
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