Quiz_8 - EE 3 66 Q uiz 8 A F all ' 09 N ame oL u frol p a...

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") t' EE 366 Quiz 8A Fall '09 Name €oL ufrol 1(80%) You are considering a l0-year investment project. After tanes and expenses are accounted for, net positive cash flows in years I through 10 are estimated to be: nAn t-9 $ 50,000 10 100,000 If you had the opportunity to invest your money elsewhere and eam 8Yo per year, what is the manimum amount you would be willing to invest in the project at time n:0? flPdz T + €ozclft,i*,q) tooL .,' , ) / ffito = -T 3tL,7*L ++6,3214 ^T Y g{tr,6Lt1 1 r)Ph) Z0 f 3 ?{8'64'E- o <{8.6t2 ' -tu*7' -- 2(20%) A certain project requires an initial investment of $75,000. The project will last 5 years and is expected to result in net after toc cash flows of $25,000 at the end of years I through 5. a) What is the break even interest rate, IRR, for this project? b) What must be true about your MARR for this to be an accepable project? alpg= o = -<-{r+ +Z{ru(_p/*rL, f) ' ; u/A,;,r) t67" g, 12? > i.- 18 ,?16 oA 4ara'**X . Z.,6RC- 3.t2?2- t3 - l-3.rl??- o7, 2,66 7 L a,(a - u/o tr,-"2 t = tT.q|Zl -& :' hart -<-
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EE 366 Quiz 88 Fall'09 Name *t-l*n o t/ 1(S0%) You are considering a 35-year investment project. After taxes and expenses are
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Quiz_8 - EE 3 66 Q uiz 8 A F all ' 09 N ame oL u frol p a...

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