Quiz_25 - .pn e of$,:.00 rpiea tf pu.n&d N r lr.! rdrdt...

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EE366 Quiz #2tA Fall09 Plilolltr otus c& puchde ris: r 106 of 2000 ar a pri(e of$t.00 dlrece. tI 'eptarher s riepmr.oi X2.oo.piece p(\,,! rhe o,*re,e lmDaD rlD de16ro hh nob ib- d L drLidutpr iri]ine.r , (.d. \ x P(x) vnN) I 0.10 2 0.25 3 0.30 Q' zo'a a) Y(,)' kr- J'l = ,r4) = 4 0t5 '-- a) Find f(x) t\e €xpet€d nu;n$er ot faitws in fie xd p*iod ror x - I ro x = 4. b) Wlal is tbe nost econonical smup Epiacemenr jnlerval in priods? c) WIal is the expeded cost per p€riod if we sinply repta@ pars $ ihey faii? d) W]rat is you rccoMend€d .oNe of action? Peq. ,'.a(r./), aao ? P12)/ l() f.) - z".a(,Z.) ? zo6(.!')- ,zo ?i:l' 1r(r, //rn)= ?@/. .o)f >,ot. .f) + ,2.(.4 = kL e!t4) + Y.h)/,h)t ref2)+14*,). 40-t,d./ro+"J.1= ?.o.L. l) 4a,z- t+zz p d) t- 2 tt.) I l/zrl.Lf I t -) L 4"t/ z.-"-,. ..t ;. = /37./.t/ /f:za.J 2,1 d/ a X"-r^r,".-*,;^'Le
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EE366 9r, 'r,") DnCtr cadro\tu DLr\de reh,bu,o,intoBo.'ol)Oa.
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Unformatted text preview: .pn e of$,:.00 rpiea tf pu.n&d N r lr.! rdrdt .rptea enr $e pds.or $,.00.oree p,r,Frhed,.crcre prooao!trydenyLy tun.l.on or in rndivi,llalDan tai,le Inp.ioo \ \ P(x) a/4 F) tl-l- z1 ,--t' 3 0.30 o,qa O * t4ro 4 0 1 5 , . ? a) Find f(x) dre expecled i"n[er of failues in the xd Denod for x = I to x = 4. b) $/hal is rh€ nost econonical Crup Ellacment inlenat in periods? c) w]rat is the expected cost per pedod ifwe sinply reptace palrs s tbey fail? l 0.10 2 0.75 b ) d) Nrat is iou recomended c"** .r 9Ur' zo) = Q//) = ta'4 ( '' : 'ao /,/ fu,t= Q/r,t' 4'J/4' /sa+ 3a ' r8o /,i1 = Q?+1 + fi)/,.t t /r,1lt')' fa'+{+ /or5 -"" irl ='p r r"l, ;'{r/A * }Ll /o(, t 4ortl = /aEb t 7 b * /g rt n r't = ;!94 t /ot9 t . Q e )-l zt13 t{o) - Qe,+ cLa4,) ?zvo tz t91 p{.rt 2.n.h,.v. t. . ) € ) / 3 d ) 3/o3.+(/P.a.,l i "t) O" t.t rcplu+-* .",r:{ --J 3...
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Quiz_25 - .pn e of$,:.00 rpiea tf pu.n&d N r lr.! rdrdt...

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