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toz or, o^/ A waste incineiator pioject has been proposed by a local city government. A$ume an mterest rate of I0o% and a life of 50 years for the Foject. Estimated initial costs and afirual benefits and a.nnual costs are shown in the table below: EE366 Quiz #26 Fall 09 Name 100,000 Initial Cost A.mual Benefits reduced landfill requircmenls $4,000,000 450,000 electric cogeneration benefits 400,000 Annual Costs o&M a) Find the benefit cost ratio BC for the Droiect. b ) Find the ner benetir cosr ratio B C foi rhi proiecL. c ) ls the project acceprable on rhe basis of BC o; B'C? d) List some environmental impacts that should be considered
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Unformatted text preview: addressed all possible future environmental impaats? D Ifa cost benefit a"nalysis with environmental impacts qua.rtifled and included shows ar acceptable project but significant public oppoqition to the project exists how should the issue be decided? Qts "+11") = /,688-- /,61/ 4) '/ 4tD(s/P),//to) + /oo (+{ctw).--/ooa--4,"o (A/P) o' 5{' ) = l8f1 '- /' tU 7" d )']; :' ";; ; ::r {:: ;" :I'; fr"' "''/zn i n c i" ^n}' * " e) y'lo . ' -/'"1'"'"27 d'"-tLl' t*4' z tt ut t / a tz '1' )'r' /< 1"hr/t/r'''1 ; .',* , ,.t- b/zz-;;) -L.;",i |a"--a a'. .>a"/eu ?, '- /'"'" ' Lt- ; /ol+';''z /rr6e(s'- / \ | . / / =/^ .7.!."/, c. /a16/"'' /14 ) 4l'r4. d', 7 c = l) 8'c...
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