Meselson Stahl 1958

Meselson Stahl 1958 - BIOLOGY: MESELSON AND STAHL...

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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGY: MESELSON AND STAHL Appearances ofregenerationfrom naked masses ofprotoplasmhave sometimes beennoted,butneverinexamplesinwhichithadbeenestablishedthattherewere no small, fullyformed cellsfrom which the growth might have arisen. Itis,of course,possiblethatculturalconditionswillbefoundunderwhichmassesofnaked protoplasmwillreverttocellulargrowth, suchashasbeen reported by Ne&as4 in SaccharomycescerevisiaeandbyPease"'inProteus vulgaris. 1 C.Weibull,SymposiumSoc.Gen.Microbiol., 6,111,1956. 2J.Lederberg,thesePROCEEDINGS,42,574,1956; K. McQuillen,Biochim. etBiophys.Acta,27, 410,1958. 3K. McQuillen,SymposiumSoc.Gen.Microbiol,6,127, 1956; S.Spiegelman, inTheChemical Basis ofHeredity, ed. W. D. McElroy and B. Glass (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1957), pp.232-267; J.Spizizen,thesePROCEEDINGS,43,694,1957; D.Fraser,H.R.Mahler,A.L.Shug, and C. A. Thomas, Jr.,thesePROCEEDINGS, 43,939, 1957; E. Chargaff, H. M. Schulman, and H.S.Shapiro,Nature,180,151,1957. 40. Necas,Biol.Zentr.,75,268, 1956; A.A.Eddy and D. H. Williamson, Nature, 179, 1252, 1957. 5Mary R. Emerson, inmanuscript. Our mutant strain, Em 11200, has been shown to be allelictoa number ofothersofindependentorigin: B 135 and M 16obtainedfrom Dr. D. D. Perkins, Stanford University; "wooly," from Dr. H. L. K. Whitehouse, Cambridge University; and "ginger"andanunnamedmutantfromDr.J.R.S.Fincham,UniversityofLeicester. From publisheddescriptionsitislikelythatthesearealsoallelictothe"cut"mutantofDr.H.Kuwana (Cytologia,18,235,1953). 6MaryB.MitchellandH.K.Mitchell,thesePROCEEDINGS,38,442, 1952. MaryB.Mitchell,H.K.Mitchell,andA.Tissieres,thesePROCEEDINGS,39,606,1953. 8 G.W.BeadleandE.L.Tatum,thesePROCEEDINGS,27,499,1941. 9The hemicellulasepreparationwas obtainedfrom theNutritionalBiochemical Corporation, Cleveland 28, Ohio, who inform us thatitisa concentrate ofmicrobiologicalorigin, containing cellulase,gumase, andmaltaseinadditiontohemicellulase. A singletestinour laboratoryindi- catedstrongchitinaseactivity. 1OJ.LederbergandJacquelineSt.Clair,J.Bacteriol.,75,143,1958. 11 PhyllisPease,J.Gen.Microbiol.,17,64,1957. THE REPLICATION OF DNA IN ESCHERICHIA COLI* BY MATTHEW MESELSON AND FRANKLIN W. STAHL GATES AND CRELLIN LABORATORIES OF CHEMISTRY,t AND NORMAN W. CHURCH LABORATORY OF CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PASADENA, CALIFORNIA Communicated byMax Delbrick,May 14,1958 Introduction.-Studiesofbacterialtransformationandbacteriaphageinfection'-' stronglyindicatethatdeoxyribonucleicacid (DNA) cancarryandtransmitheredi- taryinformationandcandirectitsown replication. Hypotheses forthemechanism ofDNA replicationdifferinthe predictions theymake concerningthedistribution among progenymoleculesofatomsderivedfromparentalmolecules.6 Radioisotopic labelshavebeen employed in experimentsbearingon thedistribu- tion of parental atoms among progeny molecules in several organisms.6-9 We anticipatedthata labelwhichimpartstotheDNA molecule an increaseddensity mightpermitananalysisofthisdistributionbysedimentationtechniques.mightpermitananalysisofthisdistributionbysedimentationtechniques....
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Meselson Stahl 1958 - BIOLOGY: MESELSON AND STAHL...

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