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Sheet1 Page 1 /com,COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS, INC. (CSI) DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE CORRECTNESS /com,OR USEFULNESS OF THE RESULTS OBTAINED USING THIS INPUT FILE. CSI IS /com,NOT LIABLE FOR ANY CONCLUSIONS OR ACTIONS BASED ON THE RESULTS. /com,IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER TO CONFIRM THE ACCURACY AND /com,USEFULNESS OF THE RESULTS. /com, !com,AUTHOR: !com,Sheldon Imaoka !com,Collaborative Solutions, Inc. !com,2303 W. 190th St. !com,Redondo Beach, CA 90278 /com, /com,DESCRIPTION OF INPUT FILE: /com, Simple nonlinear problem /com, Rigid ball hitting cantilever plate /com, Rigid-flexible contact /com, BISO (BKIN in 5.6) plasticity /com, /com, full vs. reduced /com, increase FKN? /com, pstres modal /com, thermal /com, monitor at pilot node /com, /com, BISO and BKIN give same results (as expected) /com, Offset specified for contact elemetns /com, Shell thickness considered in contact /com, *get,STATGUI,active,,int *if,STATGUI,eq,0,then /show,file *endif /triad,lbot /gra,power /title,Cantilever Plate
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coontact_shell - /com,COLLABORATIVE SOLUTIONS, INC. (CSI)...

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