106 - Test 3 Moment&Torque

106 - Test 3 Moment&Torque - PHYS106 Moments and Torque...

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PHYS106 Moments and Torque M.U. Garip 1. An object in equilibrium always: a.is not moving b.is not accelerating c.has no forces acting upon it d.has all forces acting upon it of equal magnitude. 2. Consider a person standing on a scale. The force of the scale pushing up is equal to the force of gravity pulling down because of: a.Newton's 3rd law b.the elasticity of the scale c.1st condition of equilibrium d.2nd condition of equilibrium 3. If the net force on an object is zero, then the object must be at rest. a.true b.false c.cannot say unless gravity is negligible 4. Jason and Jane stand on opposite ends of a balanced seesaw. How far (x) is Jason from the fulcrum when Jane is 3.0 from the fulcrum? a. 2.1 m b. 1.8 m c. 4.2 m d. 3.9 m 5. Michael can push down on a lever with a 700. N force. A 2.4-m bar is used as a lever in order to lift a rock. What is the most massive rock that can be lifted if the rock is 30. cm from the fulcrum? a.4900. kg b.571. kg c.560. kg d.500. kg 6. What minimum mass counterweight (C) must be used in the tower crane to enable it to lift 4600. kg? a.3.2 Mg b.4.6 Mg c.5.9 Mg d.6.5 Mg 7. A ball resting on a level floor is in: a.stable equilibrium b.unstable equilibrium c.neutral equilibrium d.accelerative equilibrium 8. A 1.2 m long rod of mass 2.0 kg is attached by a pin to the wall and held by a horizontal
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106 - Test 3 Moment&Torque - PHYS106 Moments and Torque...

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