Judaism - Judaism (Oldest living religion) Who is a Jew?...

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Judaism (Oldest living religion) Who is a Jew? Where is his identity located? - Jude : one who comes from Judea; an identity in terms of land and region - Israel : Name given to Jacob; means one who strives with God. It is religious identity - Star of David - Hebrew : The people and the language they speak o Most probably the word ‘Hebrew’ comes from the word ‘Apiru’ from Phoenician language; meaning ‘the one who rides caravans’; nomadic people - Background in the Development of Judaic Thought o Preceding Judaism, we have the Near Eastern Religions which comprise the Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian religions. They seem to have influenced the development of Judaic though historically o The Near Eastern Religions: polytheistic but try to conceive of one highest God (i.e. Marduk in the Babylonian religion) Apsu (sweet waters) Ti’amat (salty waters) Mumy (mist) o They try to conceive of heaven and hell and idea of reward and punishment o We find parallel Myth of Flood to the Hebrew Bible story of Noah. But it is Judaism which becomes the 1 st monotheistic religion in history of mankind. o Judaism becomes the foundation of prophetic religious traditions in West, thereby we have religions such as Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Islam etc Ziadusthia : Middle Eastern God with Flood Myth, 7 days of rain instead of 40 - The Hebrew Bible o Judaism is often associated with the land of Israel, but Judaism is better understood when one duties the Hebrew bible. History of Jewish people Their thought How they lived through the history o Written down as early as 800 B.C.E. but final form achieved 400 B.C.E.
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Judaism - Judaism (Oldest living religion) Who is a Jew?...

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