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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The University of Texas at Austin EE 306, Fall 2009 Problem Set 2 Due: 21 September, before class Yale N. Patt, Instructor TAs: Aater Suleman, Chang Joo Lee, Ameya Chaudhari, Antonius Keddis, Arvind Chandrababu, Bhargavi Narayanasetty, Eshar Ben-dor, Faruk Guvenilir, Marc Kellermann, RJ Harden, Veynu Narasiman Instructions: You are encouraged to work on the problem set in groups and turn in one problem set for the entire group. Remember to put all your names on the solution sheet. Also, remember to put the name of the TA and the time for the discussion section you would like the problem set turned back to you. Show your work. 1. (Adapted from 2.50) Carried from problem set 1. Perform the following logical operations. Express your answers in hexadecimal notation. xABCD OR x9876 x1234 XOR x1234 xFEED AND (NOT(xBEEF)) 2. (2.54) Carried from problem set 1. Fill in the truth table for the equations given. The first line is done as an example. Q1 = NOT (NOT(X) OR (X AND Y AND Z)) Q2 = NOT ((Y OR Z) AND (X AND Y AND Z)) X Y Z Q1 Q2 0 0 0 0 1
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3. Professor Patt is trying to decide when he should shave his beard. Your job is to design a logic circuit whose output Y is equal to 1 when Professor Patt should shave his beard, and 0 when he should not. The circuit will receive three input variables (A, B, C) that answer three different yes/no questions (1=yes, 0=no).
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probset2 - Department of Electrical and Computer...

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