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Statistics 120A Assignment 4 Due Thursday, November 8, in class. Reading Chapter 4.5, 4.8, 5.6-5.8. Exercises Required: 4.5.6, 4.5.11, 4.8.5, 5.6.3, 5.6.13, 5.7.2, 5.7.11. Recommended: 4.8.2, 5.6.17, 5.6.15, 5.6.21, 5.7.9. These problem complement the basic developments. Check your answers, where applicable, with those at the back of the book. Simulations The probability site on the Simulation page has two applets on Chebyshev’s inequality; they are under Chapter 8. Also, there are three applets on the central limit theorem; they are
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Unformatted text preview: under Chapter 9. It is particularly gratifying to complement the central limit theorem, as discussed in class, with the results of simulations. If you have access to STATA, available at all ICS computing laboratories, then you can also investigate the theorem by typing the command clt from the command line. This command opens an easy to use applet with nice graphics. 1...
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