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Some study questions. Not collected, not graded. Before the exam, you should be able to do these without looking at the textbook or your notes. Some of these questions (or very similar) may appear on the exam. The questions are based on chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 of the text. 1. What is the length of a typical chemical bond, in Angstroms, nanometers, an meters? What is the diameter of a typical bacterial cell? What is the wavelength of blue light? Red light? Don't forget to put units on your answers! 2. Which of the following statements are true? a) Prokaryotes are made up of two major groupings: the bacteria and the archaea. b) If an organism consists of only a single cell, it must be a prokaryote. c) If a cell contains chloroplasts or mitochondria, it must be from a eukaryote. d) All bacteria are prokaryotes. e) All prokaryotes are bacteria. f) All archaea are prokaryotes. 3. Coupled reactions are important in biochemistry because: (circle any that are true) a) They allow unfavorable thermodynamic reactions to occur in cells. b) Coupled reactions mean that the overall reaction has a positive delta G. c) They only occur during photosynthesis. 4. Of thymine and uracil, which is usually in DNA? Which has a methyl group? 5. If a 28 base-pair segment of double-stranded DNA contains 7 adenine residues, how many guanine residues are there? a) 14 b) 21 c) 42 d) 7 e) not enough information f) none of above 6. Draw chemical structures of monomers of the 20 amino acids that are specified by the common genetic code. (see the beginning of chapter 4) 7. Identify the amino amino acids that have the following functional groups as part of
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study_ques_f09_1 - Some study questions. Not collected, not...

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