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Some study questions, Nov. 5 edition. These are mostly from Chapter 14. 1) How do lipids and carbohydrates compare in their ability to store energy? 2) What is the function of bile? What does it consist of? Where is it produced? 3) What reaction is catalyzed by lipoprotein lipase, or lipase? 4) Rank these particles from highest to lowest by density and protein content: chylomicrons, VLDL, LDL particles, and HDL particles. 5) Draw the structures of glycerol, a saturated fatty acid with 16 carbons, and a triacylglycerol with 3 acyl chains of 16 carbons each. 6) What is "fatty acid activation" by CoA? Where does it occur? What are the reactants and products? What is the intermediate in this 2- step reaction? Does the process of fatty acid activation produce ATP, or consume ATP? 7) Explain the function of the carnitine transporter. What is the role of carnitine? Be able to recognize the structure of carnitine. Why is the carnitine transporter necessary? 8) Beta oxidation is a 4-step process. What gets reduced in beta
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