9-9-Race, SES & health-2-overheads

9-9-Race, SES & health-2-overheads - SOC 354K Part...

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SOC 354K Part 1: The Influence of the Social Environment on Health and Illness Wednesday, 9/9 Socioeconomic and Race Variations in Health & Illness II. Williams, David R. 2000. “Race, SES, and health: The added effects of racism and discrimination.” Pp. 21-39 in Perspectives in Medical Sociology, 3 rd edition , edited by Phil Brown. Waveland Press. Robert Hummer. 1996. “Black-White Differences in Health and Mortality: A Review and Conceptual Model,” Sociological Quarterly 37(1): 105-112. Objectives o o Establish the link between being black and having low SES through the pathway of racism, which has indirect effects on health. o Discuss some of the direct effects of racism on health. o Review Hummer’s (1996) presentation of 3 theoretical perspectives in the study of racial differences in health and mortality. o Discuss Hummer’s “redirected” approach that explicitly includes racism in the model (Figure 1). o See Table 5, p. 31 in Brown, “Median income and poverty rates for whites and blacks, United States 1978-1996.” o B/W ratios in income have not changed over time: stable with blacks making about _____% of whites
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9-9-Race, SES & health-2-overheads - SOC 354K Part...

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