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9-18-Social stress-overheads

9-18-Social stress-overheads - SOC 354K Part 1 The...

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SOC 354K Part 1: The Influence of the Social Environment on Health and Illness Friday, 9/18 Social Stress ( Weiss & Lonnquist, Ch. 5 ) Business Exam 1 on Monday will have 5 true/false questions (2 points each); 30 multiple- choice questions (2 points each) and 5 short answer questions (6 points each). Exam will cover lectures, readings, documentaries, and multimedia (e.g., NPR reports) used in class. Objectives o Learn a bit about the history of stress through Durkheim’s study of suicide and how it helps us understand the social dimensions of stress o Learn definitions of “life events” and “chronic strains” o Understand 5 common types of chronic role strains o Touch on the implications of perception on stress o Understand the role of social class, race, and gender in social stress Durkheim & Suicide “A key insight of sociology is that all human behavior, even that which seems to be individualistic, is shaped by larger forces in the social environment.” Durkheim asked why patterns of suicide varied by _______________. Durkheim reasoned that there must be something about ________________________ that has an influence on the individual behavior of their members.
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