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Dance 36 Postmodern dance

Dance 36 Postmodern dance - to expressionism ii The...

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I. Postmodernism: “subsequent to what is ‘modern’” a. Developments in art, architecture, and dance beginning in the 1960s b. “a process that eliminates, by a curious but inexorable logic, art” c. It is art that assimilates: i. Questions, meaning less is more ii. In theater, “happenings” anywhere at any moment, emerge iii. “Theater without words” “radical juxtaposition of ideas” “theater of mixed means” 1. Meaning, video, dance, spoken word, etc 2. Theater took on dance, dance took on spoken text a. Nothing was sacred II. Assimilation of the ordinary into the performance arena: a. Running, walking, skipping, leaping. b. No gestural pantomime as in Graham, no costumes, no scenery c. Performance taken place in ordinary, public spaces as if they were part of street life and the spectator, as in community ritual, was happening by i. Nudity, plain clothes, repetition, no to narrative, no to virtuosity, no
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Unformatted text preview: to expressionism ii. The Continuous Present= all powerful to them iii. Anti-Aesthetic iv. Anti-Cathartic Release 1. The here and the now 2. Basic message= RADICAL III. Real-life issues: aging, menopause, poverty, illness, etc a. Commitment to democratic methods and to the collective process led to choreographic strategies that metaphorically stood for freedom: i. Improv, spontaneous determination and chance ii. ANYTHIGN IS DANCE IV.FILMS: a. Takes social dance, works through ballet and modern dance i. Works through different form ii. Inheritor of ideas post-modern dance iii. Ordinary of movement gives to good dancers iv. Radical juxifistation of action 1. Dynamic, dramatic, not logical 2. Build environments (driving a car)...
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