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Dance early Ballet notes

Dance early Ballet notes - H istory of Ballet in I...

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History of Ballet in Italy(1400) French Court(16 and 17 c.) Paris Opera(1820-1872) I. Ballet before the 15 th c a. Ballet is a foil of which we measure modern dance i. From courts of Europe ii. No to ballet- 1 st philosophical idea iii. Out of rejection modern dance emerges with power b. Delphi, Greece i. 1 st theater built in western world ii. to be athletic/muscular=to be truthful to body 1. ‘clear mind’ if athletic 2. sound mind in sound body iii. orchestra=round stage iv. perfect sight and acoustic lines 1. ballet built on spectatorship v. understand character of human being if you can see it vi. understand that your character is divine vii.ballet full of gesture like a language 1. gesture- words viii. real ballet born in renaissance II. Italian Renaissance- middle of world in 15 cent a. Idea of spectatorship: body with gesture and one with neighbor i. Birth of humanism ii. Rejects god-centered universe iii. Relationship of human being to god, space, and time b. Idea of symmetry, proportion, harmony, and unity c. Women dance ‘softer and closer to floor’ than men i. About how close they are, exchanging of liaisons 1. Dance: physical communication 2. Relationship of harmony in measured steps d. Dance teachers i. Couldn’t use left hand because heart of left side ii. Women in corsets wear up to 40lbs of clothing 1. Caging of women’s body in clothing rejected by modern dancers
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iii. Clothing elaborate and from dif countries
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Dance early Ballet notes - H istory of Ballet in I...

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