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Dance Graham humphrey notes - Modern Dance, Martha Graham,...

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Modern Dance, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, I. Dance Modernism: early 20 th c movement: a. Reaction against ballet and theatrical spectacle b. Spartan use of stage design c. Focus on individual choreographer inspired by their own vision i. Vs. old theatrics one learned training at conservatory over life time d. Technique’s central tenet is dancing body i. Able to express itself and communicate story and character through outline and movements-gestural and bodily- through space in time to music e. Dancer-intellectual being f. Explore ethnographic, faraway subjects-local culture i. Research for characters and movement styles ii. Examples: 1. Graham’s “El Penitente” is researched in New Mexico, based upon mystical penitent priest cult in Chimayo, New Mexico. 2. Doris Humphrey’s “The Shakers,” based upon puritanical, “shaking” cult of celibate early settlers to New England. g. Develop modern technique used to build choreographic phrases on stage h. Sense that greater truth within body and mind of performing artist i. Made to manifest in performance and communicated to audience II. American dance without history a. Sense of past woven into choreography b. Intense pursuit of individual expression c. Modern dance is: organic, global phenomenon based on kinetic expression i. This grew out of dance experiments on choreographer’s own body III. Martha Graham, Erik Hawkins, Bennington College, 1938
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a. Born in Allegheny, PA 5/11/1894. Died in NYC 4/1/1991 b. Dancer, choreographer, teacher, inventor: The Graham Technique, Director, Martha Graham Dance Co (1926-91) i. 1 st solo concert with female dancers only in NYC ii. Her Co filled with eastern european jew immigrant dancers and Africa and Anglo-American dancers c. Invented 1 st technique for modern dance Martha Graham Dance Technique i. Created 1 st modern dance language: complex, varied and able to tell a story as ballet did d. 1936: “Frontier”- i. Graham built her technique on her own body, single- handedly. e. 1938: met Erik Hawkins, married in 1948 (didn’t believe in marriage) f. Father, Dr. George Graham- psychiatrist taught her to explore inner being i. Much of her movement communicates physical exteriorization on the inner experience (the psyche) ii. Most of movement based upon female dancing body’s ability to inhabit and define space in time to original scores 1. Worked only with women for 1 st decade of co.’s career g. Bio i. Moved from east coast with family to SB. ii. 1916- moved to LA to dance with Denishawn
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Dance Graham humphrey notes - Modern Dance, Martha Graham,...

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