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Midterm 2 study guide The second 1C midterm will be on Friday February 27th in class. Just like the first exam it will be in a self contained booklet provided to you. There will be trig identities if you need them . You may bring a 3X5 inch index card with whatever you wish written on it. Otherwise it is a closed book exam. No calculators. Absolutely no use of cellphones Ipods or any such devices. The problems will not ask for numeric answers. Bring your UCLA student ID card, you must show it to one of the proctors when handing in the test. The problems in the exam in will be similar to those at the end of the chapters in "University Physics" by Young and Freedman and will also draw upon the class notes . The class notes may be downloaded from this website. The exam will cover: Chapter 32 except for radiation pressure and standing waves. Also the notes and the solution to Maxwell's equation using exponential notation.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 33 except for 33.7 Chapter 35 all of it Chapter 36. Sections 36.1-36.3 The next homework assignment will have problems from Chapter 36 and 36: 1-3. It will be due the week after the test but it would be advisable to do it before the exam for practice! The exam will have three problems each with a couple of sections. This midterm will be worth 100 points and is worth 20% of your grade in the class. There will be a review session Thurday night Feb 26th from 6-? in PAB room 4-330 (the same place as the previous review session). The TA's may also schedule additional office hours. They will be posted! As a study aid I will assign all the "Mastering Physics" conceptual problems in the assigned chapters for you to practice. They will be worth zero percent homework, that is, you dont have to do it and it will not be part of your grade....
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