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Physics 17 Due 11-13-09 Fall 2009 T. Tomboulis HOMEWORK # 6 Reading Assignment: Reif, Ch. 2. Omit Section 2.3 (The Binomial Distribution), p. 67-74. After you study Ch. 2, you may go back and read through Ch. 1, Sections 1.1 - 1.4, as useful qualitative background for the type of questions we treat in the second part of the course. In particular, read the subsection ”Ideal system of N spins” in section 1.3. Chapter 1 is a general overview of the material that you may ±nd helpful to occasionally go back to. Problems: 1. What is the probability of throwing a total of 4 points or less with three tossings of
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Unformatted text preview: dice? Hint: Count the number of ways to roll a total of 3 points or of 4 points with three dice, and recall that the probability of rolling any particular face with an unweighted die is 1 / 6. 2. R Ch. 2: #2.4 3. R Ch. 2: #2.8 (Already done in class, but go through it anyway.) 4. R Ch. 2: #2.14 ( Note: This is essentially a rephrasing for spins of the way we did the gas of N molecules in class.) 5. R Ch. 2: #2.16 6. R Ch. 2: #2.18 1...
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