HW-7 - 2. R Ch. 3: #3.1 3. R Ch. 3: #3.2 Hint: To do 2. and...

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Physics 17 Due 11-23-09 Fall 2009 T. Tomboulis HOMEWORK # 7 Reading Assignment: Reif, Ch. 3. Problems: 1. Three particles are placed in a cubic box of edge length L . The system is isolated with total energy E = 12 π 2 ¯ h 2 2 m L 2 . Focus attention on any one of the three particles, say the ±rst one. What is its mean energy? Hint: Count accessible states to which our basic postulate of equal a priori proba- bilities applies.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. R Ch. 3: #3.1 3. R Ch. 3: #3.2 Hint: To do 2. and 3. note that the combined system is isolated and hence the total energy is conserved. 4. R Ch. 3: #3.6 Part (d) of this problem is simply to read the section Pressure of an ideal gas, p. 40-42, Ch. 1. 5. R Ch. 3: #3.7 The numerical estimates on p. 43-44, Ch. 1, are useful for doing this problem. 1...
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