Syllabus-Fall 2009 - MKT 320F, FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING...

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MKT 320F, FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING (UNIQUE #04885) FALL 2009 (10/21/09) Instructor Office Location: HRC 3.358 Dr. William H. Cunningham Office Hours: T, TH 9:00-10:30 a.m. Professor of Marketing and by appointment James L. Bayless Chair for Free E-mail: Enterprise Web site: Telephone: 512/232-7540 Teaching Assistant Joe Millsap E-mail: Office hours: by appointment only Required Textbook Basic Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach , 17 th edition by William D. Perreault, Jr., E. Jerome McCarthy, and Joseph P. Cannon. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2009. Course Objective The primary objective of Marketing 320F will be to introduce students to the basic concepts, practices and analytical methods of marketing. The course is comprehensive in scope, contemporary in outlook, and managerial in orientation. Most students in this course will not become marketing majors. However, all of the students enrolled in Marketing 320F should benefit from taking the course in the following ways. First, it is important to be an informed consumer. Most people in our society will spend the vast majority of their yearly income in the marketplace. They need to be aware of marketing practices if they are to spend their money in a thoughtful manner. Second, there are many public policy questions facing society that deal with the relationship between government, businesses and consumers. If an individual is to play an active role in the great drama of economics and politics, he or she must have a clear understanding of corporate marketing practices. Third, many people will eventually work or provide voluntary services for non-profit or government agencies. These individuals will quickly come to realize that public service agencies face many of the same marketing problems that businesses face. If a non-profit organization does not provide services that are needed at a competitive price, society will not value its services and it will be forced to terminate its programs regardless of how useful they may be to some people. Fourth, many people who are not initially involved in the marketing activities of their employer will come to realize that “nothing happens until a sale is made.” As a result, it is critically important for everyone in the firm to have a basic understanding of the marketing function of the organization. Fifth, as individuals are promoted in their organization, they will have less to do with the specialty that they studied in college and more to do with the overall management of the firm. While all corporate officers do not have to be marketing professionals, they must understand and even appreciate the importance of satisfying the needs of the consumers who purchase their products. Course Description
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Syllabus-Fall 2009 - MKT 320F, FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING...

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